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Telling people about your product or service can get complicated. Whether you're lost for words or have too many of them, we're passionate about translating your message into a compelling story that will engage your customers.

We’re skilled at video, animation and graphic design, but our goal is to understanding your product and your audience so we can create work that has your audience saying "Ah… now I get it, I want it!".

We only work with those keen to articulate their ideas through creative media, achieve great ROI and have fun completing the project. Our solid fan-base of clients trust us to deliver great work on time, on budget, often at short notice – even when they're not quite sure what it is that they want.


Project Development
Competitor Review

Green Screen
Whiteboard Animations
Sound Design
Voice Over

Social Media
Presentation Materials
Broadcast masters
Internet broadcast
Memory Sticks


I'm impressed by the fact that you really care about the content, not just the logistics of filming. When I work with you guys I have peace of mind because I know I have an 'ally' in the building of the story.

Sophie Carroz
Marketing Manager, Capgemini

As someone who's never done any form of production, what is involved was a complete fog. You gave good customer service - accessible - you were prepared to listen to the brief and develop it. You provided advice and a series of options; you got what we wanted extremely quickly and delivered a great result.

Chris Shaw
CEO, Commetric

You will be pleased to know the guys have been emailing me all morning with multiple praise over our video! The graphics are really stunning on it!

Jenny Clarke
Vice President, Bid Campaigns

Napoleon Creative provided an excellent service. They were responsive and maximised what could be achieve within challenging time constraints.

Sarah McMinn
Marketing Manager
Arts and Business

The demo was the absolute turning point for today’s meeting. It brought the whole story alive and showed them how they can use social media within their organisation.

Guy Stephens
Technical Strategy Consultant

NC is a wonderful outfit. Versatile, efficient, dedicated, respectful. Everything a pompous, over-demanding, fanatical Creative Director could ask for. Get them on the phone. Now!

Mark Carolan
Creative Director



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    Our Film Showreel

    Filming is our passion. We're constantly experimenting with new lens and cameras to make sure we're delivering the finest footage possible.

    Click on the link above to watch Tattooist Louis Malloy in action.

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    3D Showreel

    3D literally adds a new dimension to animation. If you a new product to show off, walk your customers through your building, or bring to life an imaginary world, we can build it for you with our modelling and animation expertise.

    Click above to watch the f...

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    Animation Showreel

    Animation will wowing clients with your new service, bring your brand to life with an ident or standing out at point of sale. It's great for communicated complicated ideas in a simple way.

    Click above to watch our SkySight animation.

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    Computer Playback
    If you need to fill the screen of a TV, iPad or even an imaginary floating interface, then you've come to the right place. We offer 'off the peg', customisable and bespoke interfaces for any screen that needs filling.

    Click on the link above for more.

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